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The best training scenes in fighting movie history

December 7, 2009 1 comment

I just finished watching Rocky Balboa and let me tell you, nothing gets me more pumped in a movie than the training scenes. And Rocky Balboa definitely did not disappoint.

Let’s start building some hurting bombs.

By the end of this scene I was ready to put on my sweats and run out into the cold for my own Rocky style training. But of course I had to finish the movie so I’ll get to that training tomorrow.

The best 10 action movie shootouts

In the meantime, watching Rocky inspired me to put together this list of the best training scenes in fighting movie history. And at the top of the list, the Rocky that started it all.

Rocky I

This movie has inspired way too many people to run up those steps and shadow box like idiots. But Rocky makes it cool.

Rocky II

Sylvester Stallone always uses large blocks of wood or farm equipment during his trainings. I wonder if any actual boxers followed this technique.

Rocky III

An in sync video of this was hard to find! Found it on some Russian site.

Rocky IV

In my opinion the next best of the Rocky movies after Rocky I. There was something evil about Drago that just made you want to see him get destroyed.


Jean Claude Van Damme used to be so freakin awesome! The muscles from Brussels was my hero after this movie.


Another Van Damme great before everything went downhill. I blame it on Dennis Rodman and that stupid movie Double Team

Batman Begins

Where can I find a secret ninja base in the mountains where I can train like this?

Karate Kid

The classic American martial arts movie. Mr. Miyagi says, wax on wax off!

The Matrix

Morpheus is fighting Neo! Not exactly a montage, but a great scene that set a new standard for action choreography in Hollywood.

Bonus Clip:

Ridiculously strong guy training.

If you know of a great training montage, please let me know!

The best 10: action movie shootout

November 14, 2009 Leave a comment

What’s your favorite action movie shootout?

If you love action movies, I’m sure at least 3 great shootouts came to mind. Did you think of this one?

Although technically not a shootout since there was no exchange of fire and no casualties, that scene from Terminator 2 will always be remembered for the ridiculous show of firepower. Can you name another movie that uses a damn minigun???

A great action movie is most often remembered for its great action sequences. The Matrix was a movie about the liberation of the human mind from the shackles of servitude, but most people will remember it for the ground breaking bullet-time fighting sequences and martial arts choreography. 300 was a story of standing up for what’s right in the face of unbeatable odds, but the brutality of the battle scenes is what stays on people’s minds. In the movie industry, the action sequence makes the movie.

That’s all fine since action is what people will pay to see, and the studios in fact deliver them well. Through the decades we have seen a ballooning of movie production budgets in order to deliver ever more elaborate action sequences and bigger and more powerful explosions. The result is a slew of action movies that tops $200 million in budget, including The Transformers, Quantum Solace, Superman Returns, X-Men: The Last Stand, 2 Spiderman movies, and 2 Terminator movies. With billions of dollars being spent each year on action, let’s check out the best of what has come out of Hollywood.

The Shootout

Today we will examine a major staple of action movies, the shootout.

I believe there are a number of factors that go into a great shootout. And the shootouts will be rated accordingly.

1. Odds – The ratio of friendly to enemy combatants.

Ratings range from 1 to 5

2. Balls – How much courage does it take to go into that situation.

I can do that – 1  Call the special forces – 3   Send Rambo – 5

3. Firepower – Types of weapons deployed and the amount of destruction caused.

Small arms – 1  Fully automatic rifles – 3   Rocket launchers – 5

4. Efficiency – How quickly the enemy are destroyed or suppressed

I surrender! – 1   I have them on the run – 3   I am the God of death! – 5

5. Creativity – How cool is the choreography and effects

Seen it before – 1   I didn’t  know you can do that – 3  Holy shit that’s awesome – 5

Now get out your popcorn, find a comfortable chair, and get ready for some of the best shootouts in movie history.

The Shootouts

Shootouts gained popularity in film through westerns. These movies showed audiences a glimpse into life in the wild west. The main character was usually a cowboy and a gunfighter, relying on his wits and skills with a gun to survive the turbulent life in the desert.

Unforgiven (1992)

Here is the final showdown in Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. His buddies have been murdered and he is here to seek revenge, alone. He goes into a saloon filled with armed men who want to kill him. This is as badass as a scene can be.

Odds 5/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 1/5  Efficiency 5/5  Creativity 2/5 –  Total 18/25

Desperado (1995)

Set in a similar western setting in Mexico, this movie is about the legend of a traveling man with a guitar case full of guns. El Mariachi (Banderas) walks in to a saloon looking for a man, but instead finds a gun fight.

Odds 5/5  Balls 3/5  Firepower 2/5 Efficiency 4/5  Creativity 4/5 – Total 18/25

Gradually as the west became less wild and people started moving into cities. Tales of gun toting gangsters became more popular. The westerns were replaced by movies about the Mafia.

Enemy of the State (1998)

Robert Dean (Will Smith) becomes entangled in a web of conspiracy and cover up because of a video tape. Here the agents looking for the tape are brought into a Mafia den and the inevitable happens.

Odds 2/5  Balls 4/5  Firepower  3/5  Efficiency 4/5  Creativity  4/5 –  Total 17/25

Hong Kong is one of the biggest producers of action movies world wide. It began with Kung-Fu flicks and also went down the path of cops vs. gangsters.

Hard Boiled (1992)

Starring Chow Yun Fat and directed by legendary John Woo, this movie features one of the longest single shot action sequence. The camera follows the two cops as they go down the corridors of a hospital killing bad guys. It almost looks like a first person shooter game.

Odds 3/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 3/5  Efficiency 4/5 Creativity 4/5 – Total 19/25

As gangster movies evolved, the perspective often shifted from the point of view of the cops to that of the robbers. In some cases the audience identify with the robbers and hope that they can get away.One prime example is the movie Heat, a movie with a star studded cast including De Niro, Pacino, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Natalie Portman, and Jon Voight.

Heat (1995)

This shootout was so great that it is rumored to have caused the infamous North Hollywood Shootout, where two bank robbers with fully automatic rifles and body armor stood off against police officers for 44 minutes. After the gunmen were taken down, a video tape of Heat was found in the VCR at their residence.

Odds 4/5  Balls 3/5  Firepower 4/5  Efficiency 3/5  Creativity 5/5 – Total 19/25

As gangs faded out and gangster movies became less popular, movies about highly skilled assassins got their turn on the screen. Directors and choreographers began to focus more on realistic combat tactics and accurate movements. Bringing a whole level of realism to shootouts.

The International (2009)

This shootout was famous for being shot in the Guggenheim museum in New York City. The innovative architecture of the building makes for a most interesting place for a gun fight.

Odds 4/5  Balls 3/5  Firepower 3/5  Efficiency 3/5  Creativity 5/5 – Total 18/25

Demands for more realism also forced actors to train with professional military personnel to gain the necessary skills for their roles. Tom Cruise does a great job in this movie of portraying a highly skilled assassin.

Collateral (2004)

Tom Cruise is in a night club looking for a target. However the FBI is a step ahead and is in the club waiting for him. Despite the challenges, he completes his mission with brutal efficiency.

Odds 4/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 2/5  Efficiency 4/5  Creativity 4/5 – Total 19/25

Rambo 4 (2008)

Rambo ranks among the best movie killer/assassins of all time. He tops all previous performances with this one, killing dozens of enemies with extreme brutality.

Odds 5/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 5/5  Efficiency 4/5 Creativity 5/5 – Total 24/25

Now we take a step forward to take a look at how creative minds of our time imagine combat will be in the future.

Equilibrium (2002)

Having been released during The Matrix trilogy and having a similar but recycled story line, this movie was a box office flop. However, this sequence of actions scenes are on par with those of The Matrix. Christian Bale begins his action movie career here.

This is the entire last scene of the movie, for those that haven’t seen the movie, it will sum the story up pretty well. The three action sequences lead well into one another. Does the ending sound similar to another recent Christian Bale movie? Hint, it’s not the Dark Knight.

Odds 5/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 3/5  Efficiency 5/5 Creativity 4/5 – Total 22/25

The Matrix (1999)

The movie that changed film making. Audiences were completely blown away by this movie that seemed to have been made in the future. It not only pioneered new effects and film making techniques, but also successfully created a cinematic experience vastly different from other movies, as seen in this sequence.

Odds 5/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 5/5  Efficiency 5/5  Creativity 5/5 – Total 25/25

Bonus Clip:

This is an entry from Bollywood. See if you can guess which movie this clip rips off.

Odds 5/5  Balls 5/5  Firepower 4/5  Efficiency 5/5  Creativity -15/5 – Total 4/25

Further proof how awesome The Matrix is.

We will probably never see these types of action in real life, and that’s a good thing. We can enjoy them on the screen and enjoy how they make us feel. For those brief moments we can identify with those characters and feel empowered by their courage and abilities. That’s why we love heroes. And that’s why we love action movies.

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10 motivational movie speeches that will make you move mountains

November 12, 2009 4 comments

When you feel like the world is against you

Team America world police – Dicks, pussies, and assholes

When the whole world is against Team America, Gary Johnston uses the wisdom of this great analogy to makes his point to the world.

All kidding aside, this post is about speeches and the incredible effect they have on people.

Great words come from great minds, and our world has been shaped by those great minds. Great minds like Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, JFK, Nelson Mandela have all used the power of the speech to bring change into the world. They used the power of their words to create changes in people’s thoughts. They make people believe in a cause, they make people believe in progress, but most importantly, they make people believe in their own abilities to create change.

What is it about their words that hold so much power? Anyone can repeat the same words but no one can get the same reactions. What makes those great speakers so different from us? That is exactly what we are looking to find out.

Today’s question: Can great actors speak powerful words and achieve similar results?

Here we have collected a few of the most memorable motivational, and inspirational speeches from recent movie history. The movies range from sports movies like Rudy, to gangster movies like The Untouchables. Each speech was given at a critical juncture in the movie where an important, potentially life changing decision has to be made. Let us look at how the speaker creates the change in their target, and what we can learn from it.

When you feel like quitting

Rudy – Janitor speech

Rudy has worked so hard but his goal of playing football with the Notre Dame fighting Irish seems almost unattainable. He is about to quit the team when the janitor gives him this speech.

The janitor uses his own life experience, and most importantly his own feelings of regret to make Rudy rethink his decision. The fear of regret is one of the greatest fears we can have, and knowing that you could be giving up right before the goal line is enough to keep us going.

When you feel like giving up the fight

The lord of the rings – Sam’s speech

Sam and Frodo are deep in Mordor with an impossible mission. They have little food and are surrounded by enemies. Frodo is getting weaker by the day but Sam manages to pick him up with this speech.

Sam uses comparison to give themselves perspective of the situation. He talks about stories they used to hear and how the main attribute of the heroes was that they did not turn back even when they had the chance. They held on to their beliefs and continued to the end. This is Frodo and Sam’s chance for greatness and that pushes them onwards.

When someone says you can’t do it

The pursuit of happiness – Go get it speech

Chris Gardner (Will Smith) is a struggling salesman trying to make it as a stock broker. Here he talks to his son about pursuing your dreams.

Chris Gardner realizes the hypocrisy in telling his son to not pursue basketball because he himself is chasing an unrealistic dream. He knows that he must set a good example for his son and to not give up on his dream. Knowing that his son is learning from him probably helps to push him towards his eventual success.

When all your work seems to be for naught

Karate Kid – Wax on, wax off

Daniel san has been working hard waxing cars and painting fences, but has learned no karate at all. He’s had enough and complains to Mr. Miyagi about it. Mr. Miyagi shows him the wisdom of waxing.

This is more a demonstration than a speech. But through a simple exercise of application, Mr. Miyagi shows Daniel san the true purpose of his exercises. Sometimes true wisdom isn’t understood until the student is ready to receive it.

When life knocks  you down

Rocky Balboa – That’s how winning is done

Rocky talks to his son about the hard lessons he has learned in life, and to encourage his son to become great.

Similar to the Pursuit of Happiness speech, Rocky uses his own life as lessons to his son. He is brutally honest with his son and tells him like it is. Our friends may love what we do and who we are, but it is family that will tell you the honest truth. He tells his son that anything great involves great struggle, and unless you’re willing to pay the price, you won’t get the rewards.

When you’ve lost your confidence

Swingers – You’re so money

Mike has lost all confidence with women since being dumped. Trent gives him the famous “You’re so money” speech and gives him some perspective on the dating game.

Instead of listening to Mike bitch and moan, Trent comes in with his frame of mind and forces it on Mike. He exudes confidence that that confidence rubs off onto Mike and makes him believe in himself again. This approach uses a stronger frame of mind to drive out the negative thoughts of the target.

When you think your goal is out of reach

Untouchables – The Chicago way

Eliot Ness (Costner) wants to get Capone (De niro) but isn’t willing to play dirty. Malone (Connery) tells Ness that to get Capone he has to do it the Chicago way.

Ness wants something but is restrained by his sense of law and order. This is a case of someone wanting answers when he is not prepared to do what the answer entails. Malone explains it to him that Ness needs to change his restraints or risk losing his goal.

When you need some self belief

Cool Runnings – Pride and power

The Jamaican bobsled team is the laughing stock of the world at the Winter Olympics. Junior is feeling down on himself when Yul brings him into the bathroom so he can take a good look in the mirror.

Similar to the Swingers speech, this one also injects a shot of confidence into the target. Self affirmations have been a useful tool for many successful people to raise their self belief and confidence when needed. Stare into the mirror, and repeat positive statements of confidence loudly and forcefully will usually do the trick.

When you feel like waiting for tomorrow

Dead Poet’s Society – Carpe Diem

John Keating (Williams) is an English professor who tries to motivate his intelligent but lazy students to take advantage of the time given to them before it’s gone.

Professor Keating’s challenge is to motivate rich kids to make use of their advantages before it is too late. He uses the idea of death and the limited amount of time allotted to all of us as his tool. He also aptly chooses former alumni of the school for a comparison between the current students and former students, making the message more powerful.

When doing the right thing seems too hard

Scent of a woman – The right thing

When faced with the decision of ratting out his friends or face expulsion, Charlie makes the difficult decision of biting the bullet. After the decision is handed down, Lt. Col Frank speaks up about the importance of doing the right thing when it’s the most difficult.

Al Pacino is one of the greatest actors of all time and shows his skills in this speech. He is not afraid to say anything under any circumstance. He sees the vengeful action of the Dean and uses it to ridicule the traditions of the college. This is an extremely risky move since he could provoke negative reactions from everyone. But his forceful and emotional delivery carries the crowd and the committee is forced to reverse its decision.

Movies not only offer great entertainment, they’re also packed with life lessons and tales of success which we can look to when we need that bit of encouragement to keep going. Even though they may be scripted, the motivational and inspirational speeches in movies are well written and well delivered. There is much to learn from them.

We hope you have found what you needed here and use this resources whenever you’re in need of a push, or a laugh.

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