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The humble beginnings

I love watching videos online. I LOVE it. I go through everything from dancing babies to Japanese pranks. Chances are that if you’ve seen a good video online, I have probably seen it too. I spend WAY too much time on youtube and other video sites and yet I am not satisfied. I need something more.

The problem with watching so many videos online is that for each good video, you will have to endure 5 terrible ones. If I want to watch the best diving football catches, I have to wade through videos of amateurs, kids, and dumb asses before finally getting to the video I want. I wanted something better, but nothing was available. So I am doing something about it.

What I will do is to put up the best ten videos of a chosen category. The category can be anything and everything. However, since these are my lists they will be mostly of things I’m interested in. Fortunately I’m pretty much interested in everything, so there will be something here for everyone to enjoy.

Now without further ado, I bring you the best ten online.

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