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The best 10 funniest Star Wars Kid spoofs

I’m sure you have heard of or seen the video of the Star Wars Kid, one of the most viral videos in the history of the interweb. It started with one video, of a kid having a light saber battle by himself, and spawned a slew of parodies ranging from LOTR to Star Trek.

I have gone through the muck and brought  you the top ten Star Wars Kid videos and parodies, plus a video to give to you a little background information on the original video and our now famous Star Wars Kid.

A little info about the Star Wars Kid told by a hot girl

Enjoy, and please vote in the poll at the bottom!

#10 The original

#9 SWK as the Terminator

It’s all about the dubbing in this one.

#8 SWK canoeing

Never would have thought of this but it’s great!

#7 SWK in Tony Hawk?

The SWK makes a guest appearance in the video game!

#6 SWK in American Dad

Another funny guest appearance

#5 SWK vs. Yoda

The dark side battles the master jedi…

#4 SWK vs. Agent Smith 1

Different technique, but more fitting.

#3 SWK in Kill Bill

Maybe he’ll be in the next sequel.

#2 SWK vs. Agent Smith 2

Well done CG

#1 Drunken Jedi

Probably one of the first, and still one of the best.

Hope you like these also! Remember, if you know of other great ones, don’t hesitate to let me know so I can update the rankings.

Now please vote.

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