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The best 10 unbelieveable catches in football history

We’re getting to the heart of the football season. The games are starting to get intense and the rivalries are heating up. And what’s a better way to get more football action than to watch some of the best videos of football?

Some people prefer the running game. They love to see the running back blast through a hole and juke defenders out of their cleats. But I would bet that most people love to watch the long passes. When that ball leaves the QB’s hands, anything can happen. It could get tipped by a lineman, it could get intercepted by a corner, but best of all, it could result in an amazing catch that makes us wonder if we should trust our eyes. Because what we saw was unbelievable.

The reason professional sports are such a big draw is because of that potential of a great moment, when we see something that goes beyond ordinary human capabilities. When a moment like that comes, we just have to say WOW and admire the athletes for their amazing gifts.

And that is why this list has been created, to remember all those great moments in football history.

Some of these catches you might have seen, but most of them are probably relatively unknown. They are taken from both NFL, CFL, and NCAA football games. For the most part the timing of the games (Superbowl, playoffs, bowl games) did not play a part in the selection. They were mostly selected for the pure athletic abilities of the players making the catch.

Without further delay, here are the best catches in football.

Marvin Harrison

This catch required an insane amount of coordination. For anyone who plays sports, it is incredibly tough to be running facing one direction, and then suddenly change momentum and turn. Harrison not only does that, but jumps to reach for the ball. He manages to make enough contact to stop the ball’s motion, essentially tapping it to himself, and catches it with both hands while falling and still keeping both feet in bounds.

Bonus points for spiking the ball and getting flagged for it.

Reggie Wayne

There are some great one handed catches, but this one must go down as one of the best. He goes up, catches it one handed over the defender, then is able to maintain grip on the ball while falling and cradle it to his body before making contact with the ground. The timing required on the grab itself is incredible, not to mention being able to hold on to it while falling.

Click here

It was so good it didn’t get reviewed.

Marty Booker

Great WR are great for the speed, agility, and balance. But what if your defender is as tight as possible, you have no room to maneuver, and you’ve lost your balance? Well, you just gotta reach out with one hand and make an incredible grab.

Does this catch beat out Reggie Wayne’s catch? That would be a tough call, but I think it does.

Kevin Curtis

It’s up, it’s going, the corner back has it in his hands, oh wait! The corner just got posterized. Kevin Curtis jumps over the defender, scoops the ball with his right hand, and takes away what would have been an interception.

Click here

This catch makes the list because Curtis was out of position and boxed out for the catch, but uses his athletic ability to out jump the corner and also make an incredible catch.

Calvin Johnson

Johnson probably doesn’t even need two hands to play football. He cuts across the middle, stops on a dime, jumps backwards, and hauls in a bullet with one hand.

A.J. Green

This is one of the best. He’s running left, he looks up at the ball and sees that it’s over his head. He turns 180 degrees to his left, jumps in the air and grabs the ball one handed, and is up so high that he rotates another 180 degrees before making contact with the ground.

He would have made a great gymnast.

David Tyree

The “Helmet catch” All Giant fans will remember and love this one. It’s the Superbowl, it’s 4th quarter, the Giants are down, and it’s their last drive. Manning almost goes down, but manages to escape. He launches a 40 yard prayer, to David Tyree well covered by Harrison. Tyree and Harrison both go up, Tyree gets his hands on it but one arm is pulled away, so he uses his helmet as the other hand to stabilize the ball before getting both hands on it again.

Okay, the timing of this catch did play a small part in the selection. It’s still an amazing catch.

Tyrone Prothro

It’s a hug! It’s a catch! It’s a touchdown!!! This will remain one of the best catches of all time. The defender is literally on top of him, between him and the ball. There is no other possible way to make this catch than to put your arms around the defender and catch it on his back. Not only that, he is able to hold on to the ball as they both flip over into the endzone.

The great thing about the catch is that he loses sight of the ball right before the catch as it goes behind the defender’s back.

Chris Moore

Some say it’s the best, some say it’s the luckiest. Whatever it is, I bet you will not see another catch like it, EVER. He literally uses every part of his lower body to make this catch. It can’t be explained, just watch.

The amount of focus you need to be aware of the ball while you’re turning and the ball is bouncing off the back of your legs is just insane. Even Sport Science, the show that studies sports with the latest in technology could not recreate that catch.

Edwin Baptiste

No doubt the most athletic catch EVER. It’s so good you might think it’s fake. Baptiste is facing the QB, but the ball is over his head. What do you do? You jump straight back, catch the ball one handed, and go down in history as one of the greatest catches ever.

It’s so good it deserves to be watched a dozen more times. Maybe then you’ll believe it happened.

Wow, now those were amazing. The only thing more amazing would be to watch all those catches live. It takes dedication and so much hard work for these athletes to get to where they are. They have honed their bodies and minds to such a degree that they can perform feats that can be said to be super human. I am glad to be able to turn on my TV on Sunday and watch these athletes go to work creating unforgettable moments right in front of my eyes.

Thank you.

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