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The best 10 beatboxers

Beat boxing is an art form that has not gotten a great deal of attention in recent years. Biz Markie made a cameo in MIB 2 where he and Will Smith communicated in beat box. Funny clip since Will Smith actually used the same beat in an episode of Fresh Prince.

Other than that, I don’t remember seeing much beat box in mainstream media. But we’re not concerned with mainstream media now are we?

What surprised me the most during my search was how much beat boxing has evolved since its early days. I used to remember beat boxing as something that went along with A Capella shows and a lot of spitting. And now, beat box has almost become its own form of music. Artists have developed techniques for blending songs and beats in the same breath, and they have also perfected sound effects like scratches, giving them a full DJ’s arsenal. What has also changed is the speed at which current beat boxers spit out their music, going from distinct beats to a continuous barrage of sounds previously unheard of from a human being.

I have scoured the web looking for the best and most unique beat boxers there are and boy did I find a lot. They come from all over the world from Australia to the Middle East, and they are all extremely talented. Age also apparently not a factor since the youngest of the bunch comes in at 14 years old. It was tough work picking the top ten so I am pretty sure you will be shocked and awed by their skills and unique sounds.

They are about to bring beat box back like it’s never been seen before.



Speedy, with some unique sounds. One of the better made videos.

Our rep from Serbia

Looks the least like a beat boxer, but I would definitely go to the club with this guy. You don’t even need music!

Now for the real contenders


Only 14! Wow… so many techniques for one so young. No wonder it got 15 MILLION views

Roxorloops (Belgium)

Already well recognized as one of the best in the world.

Julia Dales

Cute girls who can beat box like this? Wow, just think of what else she can do with that mouth. I can watch her all day… =P

Felix Enger

His scratches are AMAZING!

Joel Tuerner

Them Aussies aren’t  half bad. A performance from Australian Idol. Hear the girls screaming?


Great variety of skills and use of popular songs. Great presentation and song choices. And he can sing!


Great presentation with Kermit. I think it would have been better to see the techniques.


Japanese boy comes with the mad skillz, he’s definitely a pro, if not a master. Favorite part: Eye of the tiger!

Bonus clips

The following are not pure beat boxers. They include other instruments or different presentation styles. I included them cause the videos are freakin cool.

Yuri Lane

Harmonica + beat box, are you kidding?!

Nathan “flutebox” Lee

Guess what he does?


Great presentation, he’s an entire band!

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