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The best 10 Japanese pranks that will make you ROFL

What are Japanese pranks?

If that one had you laughing, then you’ll definitely enjoy the rest of these pranks.

This is what someone wrote about Japanese pranks. “If it doesn’t cause psychological scarring, then it doesn’t count as a Japanese prank.” Oh how true that is.

10 hilarious Tv slipups

Just a word of warning, DO NOT watch these at work. You WILL be laughing out loud and draw a great deal of attention to yourself. Unless that is permitted at work, watch these in the privacy of your rooms.


#9 Screaming prank

Wouldn’t it be fun to go around screaming at random strangers and recording their reactions? We might be nervous about the consequences, so let’s watch someone else do it in Japan!

#8 Wake up prank

Ever have trouble waking someone? Get these guys and your victim will be afraid to ever sleep again!

#7 The Ring prank

Ever watch the ring? Not like these girls. A good combination of funny/scare.

#6 100 vs. 1

Do most people go along with the crowd? In this case, you almost don’t have a choice!

#5 Hot water prank

Ever feel like someone is out to get you? Well this guy certainly should worry. His friends on a comedy show apparently has it out for him and is setting up hot water traps aimed at him all over the place. Although they are considerate with the ice bucket.

#4 Sniper prank

Based on a scene from the show 24. How would you react if snipers killed everyone around you? The show is called Panic Face King, and check out the face this guy makes.

#3 Kids vs. Zombie Prank

What would you do if you believed zombies were coming after¬† you in your house? Would you make a stand and fight? That’s what these 3 kids did against the evil zombie.

#2 The ski lodge prank

Amazing setup, people caught completely unaware, and nudity on the ski slopes makes this one of the best ever.

#1 The port a potty prank

This one is people being caught in the most embarrassing moment possible. Classic.

Wow, that was a good workout for the abs. Thank God that some people in the world are willing to prank unsuspecting strangers without fear of consequences. We appreciate you.

Please comment below if you enjoyed these pranks, we would love to have  your feedback.

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