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The best 10 funniest TV news Freudian slips


It’s a very hard job being a TV news anchor. You have to sit all nice and straight behind a big desk while shuffling what looks like blank papers and reading words off a screen in front of you. How do they do it all? It boggles the mind…

The toughest part of the job may not reading all the words, but rather being aware of  all the naughty and fun words you can’t say. It’s like trying to not think of the pink elephant, sometimes it’s just not possible. Which leads to a perfect opportunity for the Freudian slip.

What is a Freudian slip?

The idea of the Freudian slip comes from the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud. Freud developed a field in neurology called psychoanalysis.  The theory behind it is that these unconscious slips of the tongue are caused by the thoughts in your unconscious bubbling to the surface and showing its presence. And what better time for such a slip is there then on live national news?

At least we found out that those news anchors aren’t so different from you and me. Our minds are all in the gutters from time to time.

Now the best 10 TV news Freudian slips online!

10 of the funniest baby videos

#10 Cunt

It’s a terrible for a man to call a woman the C word. But how bad is it when a woman does it to another woman, and TWICE!

#9 Male cunt

Hmm… maybe calling a guy a cunt on TV is okay. At least he takes responsibility for it.

#8 Ass cream

You scream, I scream, everyone screams for ass cream?

#7 Indian condoms

This was just a mine field waiting to blow up in his face.

#6 Gay climber

Gay or blind, it’s all the same to her!

#5 Detroit hater

Comon, at least don’t diss them on live tv.

#4 Black fags

This woman is very specific when it comes to the types of fags she chooses.

#3 Jacking off

She hasn’t gotten some lately, so she’s thinking about doing it herself.

#2 He’s got gas

He’s very honest about it. I think we all should be.

#2 Top cocks

She doesn’t go for the regular cocks, she needs the top cock.

#1 Blowjobs

I’ve always wondered what kind of blow jobs J Lo would get.

Bonus clip

Getting head on live tv, from an old guy.


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