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The best 10 clips of Ultimate Frisbee tournament games

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What is Ultimate Frisbee?

The best Ultimate Frisbee highlight videos

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. In 2008, there were an estimated 4.5 million Ultimate players in the U.S. alone. With rapid development in the high school and college levels, the sport is spreading like wildfire and gradually gaining popularity in the sports world. However, because of its underground status, media coverage of Ultimate Frisbee tournaments is still sparse, and good footage of Ultimate Frisbee games are hard to come by.

2009 club championship videos

I am attempting to solve that problem by collecting all the best videos of Ultimate Frisbee action available online, and for free. There are a fair number of high quality videos and DVDs available for purchase at Ultivillage.com. However, for the beginner Ultimate player or just someone wanting to know what the game is all about, shelling out $15 for a DVD may not be the best option.

Describing Ultimate

Thus far there has not been a clear and accurate verbal description of the game of Ultimate. Most people resort to saying that it is a combination of American football, Basketball, and Soccer. But which parts are combined and which are left out? The reader may end up more confused than when he began. Therefore it is much better to watch an actual game than have to read through confusing text.

Here is a collection of the best footage from both the open division (all mens) and mixed division (co-ed) matches.

Emerald City Classics 2007 Final (Sockeye vs. Buzz Bullets)

This is a match-up of 2 of the best club teams in the world. Seattle Sockeye has been a powerhouse team in the UPA (Ultimate Players Association), winning the club national championships in 2004, 2006, and 2007. The Buzz Bullets hail from Japan and is a 9 time Japanese national champion and the 2006 world club champion.

This is an open division match (all men). The main thing to notice is the speed and intensity of the match. Although technically considered amateurs, the players are extremely well conditioned and athletic, many having come from other sports such as soccer or basketball. All the players are highly skilled and experienced. The factors that separates the two teams are their levels or coordination, teamwork, and the ability to execute under pressure.

This match is covered in 3 videos

The 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung Taiwan – USA vs. Canada

Another one of U.S.’s major rivals. The game of Ultimate has gained great popularity in Canada and has spawned a number of great players and team. This is one of the earlier round matches for the U.S. national team in the 2009 World Games.

Ultimate Frisbee at the World Games follows a mixed format with 4 men and 3 women on the field for each team. Success in the mixed divisions often depend on the quality of the female players. A mismatch on even one position could mean a weakness that is difficult to overcome.

This match is covered in 2 videos.

The 2009 World Games in Kaohsiung Taiwan – USA vs. Japan Gold medal game

This event a sign that Ultimate Frisbee as a sport is finally reaching the big stages. The World Games is an international sporting event meant for sports that are not included in the Olympics. Many sports featured in the World Games eventually go on to become Olympic events.

This match is covered in 4 videos, with the first video being an introduction to the final match.

If you would like to read some great play-by-play commentary on some of these points, check them out at Ultimate Lover.

It is interesting to note that Japan defeated the U.S. team earlier in the day in an early round match.

Emerald City Classic 2005 Showcase game (Sockeye vs. Buzz Bullets)

These two teams have faced each other often and have a great deal of respect for each other. The both exhibit great skill and intensity on the field. This video gives a close look at the speed of the game. The Buzz Bullets, despite giving up a big advantage in terms of height, are still evenly matched against Sockeye. They rely on coordination and precision to compensate for their lack of height and speed.

Bonus clip:

Beach Ultimate

A sibling of Ultimate Frisbee, beach Ultimate has become extremely popular in Oceanside cities around the world. The game is played on sand, in a smaller field, and includes a full field score which counts as 2 points. The number of players may range from 4 to 5 depending on the tournament. There are many tournaments around the world, and a world championship every year in a different country.

Recently Ultivillage.com has begun sponsoring live online streaming of match videos. And with Ultimate becoming ever more popular, we can hope to see more coverage of top matches and tournaments on cable and online. Now go out, find a park, and play some Ultimate!

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