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10 Domino world records that will amaze you

Dominoes world records? Like the ones we used to see on TV commercials as kids? Yup, just like these.

Domino Rally was a toy originally designed by a 16 year old Jason Carroll with the help of his father. The commercials and Domino sets became popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, leaving many a messy living rooms across America. But with the rise of video games and other more advanced toys, Domino Rally sets were put back into boxes and stored in cold dank basements.

But you know how sometimes when you leave something and forget about it, like old milk or left over rice, you come back to find that it has mutated into something grotesque? Well that’s exactly what happened with Dominoes. While we were busy playing video games and watching HD tv, the dominoes sitting in our basements have mutated into an entirely unrecognizable monstrosity. It appears once a year in the Netherlands, on a day appropriately called Domino Day.

Every year, teams from all over the Netherlands gather in a convention center and assemble millions of stones of dominoes into intricate works of art and physics. Every year they attempt to break the previous year’s record of number of dominoes fallen. The current record stands at a mind blowing 4,345,027 stones in 2008.

Below is the finale from 2008 where the previous record of 4,079,381 from 2006 was broken.

In the 2nd part of the video, 2 members chosen from the teams represented must complete the domino track while the dominoes are falling in an event called the builder’s challenge.

So that’s what 1,605,757 dominoes falling would look like. Interesting.

Have you ever seen anyone happier to watch dominoes fall than these people? To celebrate, they probably got drunk and… played with more dominoes. They probably have a kinky Domino set somewhere back there.

The 10 Domino world record attempts from the most recent Domino Day 2008

This goes to show that no matter how insignificant something may seem to be to you, there are plenty of people somewhere in the world willing to go to the extremes to do great things with it.

Bonus Clips:

Making things fall does not have to include Dominoes. Apparently anything people can get their hands on can be used as Dominoes. Here are some of the most creative uses of other items as Dominoes.

Beer bottles

Best, beer funnel, EVER.

Supermarket Domino

I would love to work with these guys. I would hate to have them working for me.

Virtual dominoes

As geeky as dominoes can get. The question is, does he have to clean up after?

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