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10 uses for post-it notes you never thought of


Great for the morning after

Post-It notes sure are handy, but how were they developed?

In 1968, 3M’s Dr. Spencer Silver accidentally developed a “low tack”, reusable pressure sensitive adhesive. However, for 5 years the new invention found no commercial success. It wasn’t until 1974, when a colleague named Art Fry came up with the idea of using the adhesive to attach bookmarks to hymnbooks that the idea for the Post-It was born.

The product launched in 1977 but again it failed due to lack of consumer knowledge of how it would be useful. 3M then decided to give away free samples to residents in Boise, Idaho, and found that 90 percent of users would buy the product. By 1980, Post-It notes had become a national sensation, and the rest is now history.

Post-It notes can be found in probably every office around the world. We use them every day to help remember key appointments or make to do lists. But what other uses do they have that you haven’t thought of yet?


Magicians are masters at using illusions to fool the human mind. They use everything from coins to cards to rabbits. So why not Post-Its. Here’s a simple magic trick we can all perform on our friends.


What do you do if you are bored at work and have thousands of Post-Its sitting around? Prank time! This is the original Post-It prank that spawned dozens of copycats.

Marriage proposal

Some think it’s cheap, but there is creativity behind this effort. When a Korean man has no budget for a sweet surprise, he turns to the resource he has an abundance of, love, and Post-It notes.


What happened to the days when toys were not just store bought but home made? The guys who first experimented with Mentos and Diet Coke bring us another innovation in goofing around.

Video games

What do Post-It notes look like from far away? Pixels! And big ass pixels are only really good for imitating really old video games. Here are a few great examples.


After video games, it’s gotta be videos. This one is not only creative, but very well executed. They do use computers to aid their work, but we can forgive them for that.


Okay, not really vandalism but a public tribute mural that wasn’t exactly approved by the authorities.


It seems Post-It art has gotten enough attention that people are being paid for them. Let’s take those corporate dollars and buy more Post-It notes. Oh wait, we’re giving them right back to 3M aren’t we…

Film & Art

Post-Its not only can be pixels, they can also be frames. Which takes more work we don’t know, but both are a great joy to watch. This is a life lesson in Post-Its.

Leonardo Da Vinci ain’t got nothing on my man here. Da Vinci got to use brushes and paint. This guy uses nothing but Post-Its and it doesn’t look much worse, albeit from very far away.


In a world where social skills are rapidly being lost, it’s very difficult to talk to some people sometimes, especially the ones we really like. Good thing there are Post-Its so nothing gets lost in the translation.

Bonus Clip:

Post-Its have had a great 30 year run. But in today’s society, we always have to ask “what’s next?” Well, for Post-It notes it’s moving to a computer platform. No more Post-It pranks!

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