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10 human feats of speed that could make YOU famous, maybe…

Speed has always been a key ingredient of human success. And no, we’re not talking about the narcotic substance.

It was the fast hunters who made the kills and triumphantly returned to feed the villagers. It was the fast armies that out manuevered their enemies and achieved glory on the battlefields. And it is the fast athletes that get the big contracts and endorsement deals.

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In a society where time equals money, speed is a valuable trait to have. If you can run fast like Usain Bolt or swim fast like Michael Phelps, your speed can make you a star and bring in the big bucks. Unfortunately for most of us, that only works if you are the fastest. Being 2nd best often doesn’t matter much at all. For example, do you remember who finished 2nd behind Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash?

If you didn’t know, it was Richard Thompson. Sound familiar?

If Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps’s success resulted from them being the fastest, does being the fastest in other things also bring success? That is the question we are looking to answer with the help of these 10 fastest humans.

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Fastest drinker

We all know someone who chugged beers really fast in college. They were pretty successful when it came to partying, but can drinking fast bringĀ  you success in other ways? Watch this Japanese dude drink, wait, inhale this bottle of liquid.

The best part about it is the faces of the witnesses. They all look like they’ve just seen a ghost!

From drinking we go onto cooking and food.

Fastest pizza chef and fastest pizza eater

What a combo these two make! They could have a traveling show together.

So the pizza chef has been at the same Domino’s for 18 years? I guess cooking fast didn’t help his success much. And eating fast just looks disgusting after a while. Scratching those two off our list.

Fastest clapper

Hmm… maybe eating fast might not get you very far, but how about clapping? This guy actually holds the Guinness World Record for clapping! That’s gotta mean something.

Try using his technique and not end up looking like an idiot, it’s not possible.

Fastest rapper

There may not be any successful clappers, but there definitely are successful rappers. And this guy is the fastest of them all. That’s gotta guarantee success right?

It turns out you can’t really be a successful rapper if no one knows what you’re rapping about.

Okay, now moving into the world of business. Being fast in business has always led to success. Domino’s Pizza pioneered the fast pizza delivery and went from near bankruptcy to overnight success. Let’s see if the same can be said of being speedy in the office.

Fastest secretary

Many things a secretary does is repetitive and almost robotic. What about a secretary that can do those things even faster than a robot?

Maybe stamping fast isn’t that important for business success, but crunching numbers must be! Make sure you watch the whole clip.

Stupid Excel! She could have been a contender! She could have been somebody…

Okay, forget the office, let’s go out west and find some ACTION!

Fastest gun in the west

Bob Munden not only holds multiple world records, he’s also an arrogant SOB! Here he shows us his quick draw move and how he hits 2 targets with one shot. Or is it two shots… we don’t know, it’s too fast.

He seems like the most successful of the bunch so far, but let’s keep looking.

Child prodigies are always pretty successful. We had Bobby Fisher who became the youngest chess grandmaster, and Steven Purugganan seems to be on the same track, or should we say stack.

Fastest Stacker

The future of stacking is limitless! Steven did make a Mcdonald’s commercial, making him the best success so far.

One thing we know is the geeks are successful. Just look at Bill Gates with those big glasses and nerdy grin. They labor hard into the night in front of their computers making black magic happen on our screens. So let’s look at some other geeks, really fast geeks.

Fastest Rubik’s cube solver

Can you believe the number of people attending this event? It’s almost as crazy as Domino day!

This last one is just plain ridiculous.

Fastest undresser

We wish we knew what he talks about in his intro. We are still wondering how he came upon this unique and strange skill.

Bonus Clips:

Fastest Snooker maximum break

This clip doesn’t count since Ronnie O’Sullivan is already a very successful snooker player. But what he does here is amazing.

Maximum break means getting the maximum number of points in a game of snooker. It is extremely rare, and even rarer at this speed.

Fastest Chugger

This was an unofficial video but he sure looks like the fastest we’ve ever seen.

Well there you have it folks, it seems that just being the fastest at something does not make you successful. It seems that it is also important to be the fastest at something many other people care about. But who knows, we could be wrong. Keep doing what you are doing and get ever faster doing it, at least you might get mentioned here.

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