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Kill 10 minutes by killing zombies

are you ready for the zombies?

What’s your favorite flash game?

We’ve all played through our fair share of flash games. They were great for killing time during lunch periods in high school. Now they great for killing time when the boss isn’t looking. (don’t worry, keep reading, he’s busy.)

Flash games come in all shapes and sizes. Action, puzzle, sports, you name it. But of all the flash games I have played, one genre has stood above the rest. The zombie killing games.

I love killing zombies. Face it, we ALL love to kill zombies. There is no sense of guilt in killing a zombie! If you haven’t killed a zombie yet, consider this.

1. They’re already dead

2. They’re coming after you so it’s self-defense

That should solve any zombie killing guilt you may have.

Killing zombies is great, but I can’t find a good place to do it!

I feel your pain.

Unfortunately, since most flash games are free, the developers don’t always put in their best efforts. They don’t seem to understand the pure joy there is to be found in getting that running head-shot on a zombie. Only by luck will you come across a zombie killing game where the developers are as passionate about finding the best ways to kill a zombie as I am. And now I will share those great finds with you.

A few hints for these games can be found at the bottom of the page.

The finalists: Based on hours of laborious play testing and research

The Last Stand

Concept: The zombies are everywhere! Survive 20 days by finding survivors and weapons and defending your base

This is the first zombie killing game I fell in love with. Back in the day when this game first came out the graphics and sound were outstanding. The game play is simple but fast paced and challenging. The weapons selection is great and everyone can find their personal mix. Mine was the hunting rifle and the chainsaw.

Killing on a massive scale: 3/5 (not bad, keeps the game from being too long)

Weapons selection: 3/5 (would have liked to see some explosive weapons)

Graphic content: 4/5 (getting a running zombie with a head shot is an awesome feeling)

Difficulty: 3/5 (not bad, you can beat it in a couple of tries)

The Last Stand 2

Concept: After being rescued at the end of the first game, the helicopter crashes. (surprise surprise) You are again alone running for your life.

The things you can find now are weapons, survivors, food, and traps. More weapons have been added, but I won’t ruin the surprise. Survivors now can be killed by weapon wielding zombies. Traps slow down or help you kill zombies.

Instead of staying at the same place, you have to travel and get yourself to the evacuation center, and food allows you to travel. There are several towns and cities on the map and each have different weapons to be found.

In the warehouse


Killing on a massive scale: 4/5 (more zombies to kill, but also faster ways of killing them)

Weapons selection: 4/5 (pretty much anything you could want that’s not vehicle mounted)

Graphic content: 5/5 (some weapons have nice effects)

Difficulty: 4/5 (the traveling makes it hard to finish the game in the allotted time) Hint: at bottom of page

Zombie Horde III

Concept: Kill zombies, get money, buy cool weapons, kill more zombies. Oh, and you might want to escape the city, maybe.

Granted the graphics aren’t much to look at, but what I really love about this game are the weapons and the upgrades. You can hold a weapon in each hand and fire them at the same time. So it can be double pistols, or double rocket launchers, pretty cool. There’s no time limit and you can save, so you could stay in the city and kill zombies all day and play with all the upgraded weapons.


Killing on a mass scale: 4/5 (The zombies keep coming so carry PLENTY of ammo, good thing they’re cheap)

Weapons selection: 5/5 (the dual wield ability is awesome)

Graphic content: 3/5 (there is blood and gore but it’s low quality)

Difficulty: 3/5 (once you get the upgraded assault rifle killing becomes pretty easy, and fun)


Dead Frontier: Night 3

Concept: It seems you keep getting lost in these zombie infested cities! This time you have to fight street to street to take your daughter and buddy to the rescue helicopters. Lazy pilots!

The look and feel of the game is top notch, which makes up for its lack of weapons and game play variety. It does have a race against time element which adds some suspense to the game.

it's dark...


Killing on a massive scale: 2/5 (zombies and creatures have a limited spawn rate)

Weapons selection: 2/5 (very few to choose from, but they do offer the Steyr Aug which is an awesome weapon)

Graphic content: 4/5 (great graphics, and creepy monsters)

Difficulty: 4/5 (a hard game, play it on easy first)



Endless zombie rampage 2

Concept: No helicopters in this one and no rescue either. You are just trying to survive by killing as many zombies as you can. And oh it’s not just zombies anymore, there are weird crab like creatures shooting venom at you too!

The first game was bloody and this one is even more so. This game is different in that you see the bullets flying so timing is a skill you need to develop. There is a defense mode and survival mode. I recommend survival for pure zombie killing pleasure.

the blood!


Killing on a mass scale: 5/5 (everywhere you look there are zombies waiting for a head shot)

Weapons selection: 5/5 (everything you can dream of, plus skill upgrades too)

Graphic content: 5/5 (just look at the screenshot)

Difficulty: 4/5 (some of the monsters are ridiculously hard to shoot, you’ve been warned)



Dead of Night

Concept: You seemed to have gotten lost in a cave where glowing zombies pop out of the ground, weird… Oh well, you and your team must build fortifications and fend them off.

There is more strategy to this game than the others. You have to protect your medic and technician by using walls and other gunmen. Design your fortress and set traps for the army of zombies. Since I love strategy games as well, this makes for a great combination of killing zombies and strategy.

they're glowing...

Killing on a mass scale: 5/5 (the army of zombies in later levels are hard to hold back)

Weapons selection: 1/5 (you only have the sniper rifle, but it can be upgraded)

Graphic content: 2/5 (the zombies just fall down, but the map layout is pretty nifty)

Difficulty: 4/5 (it will take a few tries to get the hang of it)



Boxhead: More rooms

Concept: You’re stuck in a room, zombies come through the doors, and you kill them and pick up weapons. Simple enough.

This game is more about your use of tactics than zombie killing, but it’s still a lot of fun. You kill zombies, and the more you kill, the more weapons and ammo you get. Try to kill them in 2s and 3s and get better weapons from their bodies. There’s a boss character that shoots fireballs at you but he’s not too difficult to deal with. This is a classic try to get to the next level game.

zombies with hats!


Killing on a massive scale: 5/5 (the higher the level, the more zombies. they really will swarm you at the higher levels.)

Weapons selection: 2/5 (you don’t get to choose, you just get what they drop)
Graphic content: 3/5 (the zombies look cute, but they do bleed on the white floor a lot)
Difficulty: 4/5 (the early levels are pieces of cake, they get hard real fast through)

Seeing how successful zombie titles like Left 4 Dead becoming, I’m sure there will be plenty of great zombie flash games on the way. If you have any hints to add to the hint section, please put them down in the comments area, thanks!


The Last Stand

Get survivors early, later levels are impossible without a good number of them

The hunting rifle can penetrate two targets. (double headshot anyone?)

The Last Stand 2

Consider skipping certain places that don’t hold key weapons to save time.

Some places always hold goodies

Zombie Horde III

You don’t HAVE to go to the garage at night, just find a defensible spot and hold out. Creatures at night give more money.

Boxhead: More rooms

The boss’s fireballs hit zombies too, get the zombies between you and the boss.

Dead of Night

Your people are put in those places for a reason, use the existing barricades to your advantage.

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