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Who is the best NBA basketball player for the last 10 years?

I just heard something today that really surprised me. We are a mere 41 days away from the end of the decade. The last time we came to the end of the decade was during the Y2K scare. Wow, time does fly by quickly.

I think now is a good time to look back on the past 10 years and take stock of how much things have changed, and how much they have stayed the same.

Let’s take a look at the NBA 10 years ago.

The starting 5 + Phil

In 2000, the Lakers was the best team in the west. They had a legendary coach in Phil Jackson, who brought the triangle offense to LA. The Lakers still had Shaq at the time, who along with Kobe, led the Lakers to an amazing 67-15 record, tied for 5th best all time.

In the finals that year they faced the Indiana Pacers, coached by legendary player Larry Bird. The Pacer stars Reggie Miller, Rik Smits, and Jalen Rose won 2 games before finally losing the playoffs in game 6. This victory would be the start of the Laker historic threepeat of 2000-2003.

10 years Later, Phil Jackson is still coaching the Lakers, Shaq and Kobe are still playing, but most of the other players have retired. A whole new generation of players have come in to take the spotlight. But before the Brandon Jennings and the Blake Griffins make us forget about the players of the past, let’s find out who the best NBA player is for the past decade.

NBA.com is asking fans to vote on the best player of the decade, among other categories.

Out of those individual performances, the one I remember the best was Lebron’s game against Detroit. I was a Detroit fan back then and I was hoping they would go all the way. But something incredible happened during the 4th quarter and overtime of that game. Lebron literally became unstoppable. I have seen Jordan play during his championship years but this was something totally beyond belief. He scored 25 points in a row to bring the game to overtime, where he clinched the win with another stellar performance.

I just put in my vote on Nba.com. Go vote now!

Who would you vote for? And who do you think is the best player of the decade?

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