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This week’s 10 awesome newly found videos!

Some of these videos are not new, some of them are. I just happened to see them for the first time this week and now I’m sharing them with you. Hope you like them!

Swype vs. Qwerty

This one is new. It shows off a new way to type on touch screen phones that is supposedly much faster than the standard Qwerty keyboard on the Iphone.

Psycho girlfriend

What happens if you tell your girlfriend you’ll be backpacking for two weeks in Europe and she forgets? What happens if she’s also a bit of the nutty side?

Peter Chow on how New Moon will get you laid

Normally I don’t like guys who pretend to have Chinese accents, but this guy does it well, and he’s funny!

Nude It app for the Iphone

X-ray vision? There’s an app for that.


A pretty funny mash up of all the classic board games of the 80’s and 90’s.

Kobe over the backboard shot

Awesome shot, but pass the ball Kobe!

A great backpack

Is it a backpack? Or a transformer?

Efren Penaflorida

CNN hero of the year acceptance speech. He started a pushcart classroom to teach kids in the urban slums of Manila basic reading and math skills. His efforts have kept thousands of children away from street gangs and in classrooms.

Drawing Rome from one helicopter ride

Photographic memory + artistic skill = awesome art

Take it to the next level (Nike)

What being a professional footballer would be like, every man’s dream.

And that is your week in videos.

Feel free to share these with your friends. If there are other awesome new videos, let me know by posting a comment. Thanks!

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