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The best successful American Idol rejects

No, these are not videos of terrible American Idol auditions where people embarrass themselves with their utter lack of skill and talent.

These are videos of American Idol audition rejects who were invited back to perform during the actual show because of the impressions they made during their auditions.

How T-Pain became the king of auto tune

William Hung

The first of his kind, William Hung made such an impression on the American IdolĀ  judges and fans that his audition video became an internet sensation. His speech about giving it his best and not having regrets earned him much respect, and even a performance during the show.

After his American Idol claim to fame, William Hung became a pop star in China. Go figure.

Renaldo Lapuz

Renaldo burst onto the American Idol scene in 2008 in his self-made white suit and cape outfit. Armed with his own composition, he sang the same 4 lines over and over again for 5 minutes. His performance was so captivating that the judges even got up to join the act.

And since you can’t just watch Renaldo once and be satisfied, he performed again during the American Idol finale that season.

Renaldo even performed the national anthem at a baseball game in Texas, doning his now signature white suit and cape.


American Idol became a worldwide phenomenon with franchises and copycats in dozens of countries, including this one. I think it’s Kazakhstan.

A remixed version of Bomfunk Mc’s Freestyler, I think

And that, led to this.

What does this all mean?

Achieving success through American Idol does not require good looks and singing skill. Heck, it doesn’t even require good fashion sense. Whatever you do, be memorable. Let’s learn from the William Hungs and the Renaldo Lapuzes, and not get lost in the crowd, but stand out above it.

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