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The 10 weirdest human oddities

With 6.8 billion or so people in the world, and 353,015 new births each day, the chances of odd things occurring are high indeed. Here are some of the strangest human oddities in human. Interestingly, many of them worked with Barnum and Bailey, and made significant amounts of money.

10 strangly speedy humans

Now that medical technology is advanced enough to treat many of the older human abnormalities, new ones have sprung up to baffle doctors and scientists alike. Here are what I consider to be the 10 weirdest human oddities of today.

I hope you have a strong stomach.

Girl with the crystal eyes

Wolf man

Man with tail

The tree man

The modern elephant man

Baby with 2 faces

Baby with 8 limbs

Girl without a face, Juliana Wetmore

Two heads, one body

Two bodies, one head

Hopefully this will bring some awareness to the different difficulties that some people have to deal with in their lives. We should all consider ourselves lucky to not have to face challenges like they do.

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