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Top 10 first names in the USA

According to Whitepages.com here are the top 10 first names in the United States.

Rank     Name     Number of people

1.          John       3,481,153

2.          Robert    3,302,827

3.          James     3,199,434

4.         Michael    2,951,410

5.         David       2,739,129

6.         William     2,356,641

7.         Mary       1,974,434

8.         Richard    1,971,956

9.         Thomas    1,582,724

10.      Joseph      1,458,177

If you add up all the people with these 10 names, that comes out to about 25 million people. That’s almost 1 in every 13 people in the USA. I bet everyone in the US knows at least one person by each of those names. I shouldn’t say anything since my name was picked out of a book, and it was the #1 baby name of that year. Thanks mom for all the creativity you used!

Top 10 last names in the USA

Interestingly there is only one female name on the list. Does that mean there are more girl names than boy names? The next highest girl’s name is Patricia, which doesn’t sound very common at all.

Hmm… any ideas?

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