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10 statistics of AIDS in the United States


I saw this great French poster for AIDS and wanted to share it with everyone. It does make you think twice about getting it on if it’s hanging on your bedroom wall.

Although I’m pretty sure somewhere someone in the world has attempted sex with a scorpion, unsuccessfully.

10 Statistics of AIDS in the United States

For a society so in love with statistics, the numbers on AIDS in the United States is not very comprehensive.

571,438 people living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2007

75% of people living with AIDS are men

3792 children living with AIDS

44,048 diagnosis of HIV in 2007

14,561 deaths from AIDS in 2007

The overall numbers are less than what I expected. Although 75% of people living AIDS are men statistic was a bit of a shock. I remember in the movie And the Band Played On, the initial discovery of the HIV virus was within the gay community of LA, New York, and San Francisco. I guess the disease is still for the most part still in the gay community.

10 Worldwide AIDS statistics on World AIDS day

A few graphs

Breakdowns by race

African Americans account for approximately 13.5% of the total population of the US, and yet they account for 44.1% of all AIDS patients? What’s up with that? I know there can’t be possibly that man black gay men, so is it because of immigration from Africa? Either way this stat is difficult to explain.

Asians on the other hand, account for 4.4% of the population but only 1% of AIDS patients. My guess is that Asians have fewer sexual partners and less sex overall. Does that mean the African American population are just having incredible amounts of sex? Dang…

Breakdown by method of infection

Okay, I tend to stay away from male-to-male sexual contact and I don’t inject myself with drugs. So that keeps me safe from 75% of the causes of AIDS. But WTF is high risk heterosexual contact? I know unprotected with a $5 prostitute is probably on the list, but what else does it include? That 24% piece of pie is gonna make me think twice next time I…

Through the years

Well, the US does have a pretty decent health care system that has managed to control the epidemic to some degree. However, I find it difficult to believe that someone out there hasn’t found a cure yet. Maybe they’re just sitting on it and milking the AIDS patients and letting them live with AIDS and not curing it. I hope that’s not the case, but Chris Rock may be right.

A few more stats to think about

1.1 million people thought to be living with AIDS

You may notice the discrepancy between that last stat with the number 571,438  above. This is because anonymous tests and home tests are not included in the test results, and also:

1 in 5 people living with HIV but have not been diagnosed or reported

So this is a warning to everyone who enjoys male-to-male sexual contact, injecting yourself with needles, and high risk heterosexual sexual contact (Sigh).

If you like it then you should’ve put a condom on it,

if you like it then you should’ve put a condom on it.

Spread this information, and make everyone aware.

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