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The best Ultimate Frisbee resources online

Here is a collection of links to the best Ultimate Frisbee websites available online. Part of the best Ultimate Frisbee websites project

This list is by no means done, so please let me know if I have left something out. Let’s build this resource to help Ultimate grow.

Ultimate Players Association

The UPA is the governing body of Ultimate Frisbee in the United States. Here you can register to be a member of the UPA and thus play in UPA sanctioned events and tournaments. There are also many helpful resources on local leagues/teams/tournaments in your area.


The maker of those beautiful plastic Frisbees we love so much. It has updated news about the UPA, but really is just a place to personalized team discs for your team.


Ultivillage is known for its great coverage of the top tournaments from around the nation. The videos aren’t free, but are sold on DVDs and available for a reasonable price. It has the best footage of actual games from college nationals and club nationals. Great for teams looking to learn from the best.

The Huddle

Founded by Seattle Sockeye player Ben Wiggins. The Huddle is widely recognized as one of the top online magazines for Ultimate Frisbee. It has a impressive list of contributing authors and covers a wide range of topics. Great for players who have college or club experience and wish to further improve their skills and knowledge.

Ultimate Handbook

The Ultimate Handbook is another popular Ultimate blog. Its main focus is on specific tactics and strategies to be used on the field. It’s great for teams that want to keep up with new developments in Ultimate strategy. It also has some nice flash animations showing various formations and plays.


An interactive map application showing tournament locations and details. This will hopefully one day replace UPA’s antiquated system and help us plan and organize more and better tournaments. Thanks to Jesse for point this site out.

Pickup Ultimate

Find pickup games in your local area. Relatively new site with not too many games registered. But it looks great and should become rather popular.

Ultimate talk

Ultimate talk is a database of Ultimate blogs available on the internet. There is a ton of information, but there is no way of filtering your search for specific items. But if you’ve got a lot of time, you can find some good stuff there.

Injury timeout

Injury timeout covers the very specific topic of Ultimate Frisbee injuries. It has good information on sports nutrition, how to avoid injuries, and how to recover from injuries. Helping us to layout, but safely.

The Ultiverse

It’s the Ultimate talkshow! The Ultiverse is a collection of interviews conducted by Josh Seamon with other recognizable figures in the Ultimate universe. It’s great for getting to know what these great players and coaches are like, and what they have to teach the rest of us.

Ultimate skills and drills

A collection of animated drills to use with your team. You can even create your own and add it to the list. It looks a bit outdated but the material available is still good.

Spirit of the game

This is a new site I just learned through a teammate of mine. It has an interesting design and some humorous articles on Ultimate. It’s somewhat off beat compared to the Huddle, but it looks also to be a solid source of good articles in the coming months.

Ultimate history

A site that documents the history of Ultimate Frisbee. From the teams that dominated the sport early on to the teams that have replaced them, this is a good history lesson on the sport and its players.

Now go play disc!

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The best Ultimate Frisbee websites project

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