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The best training scenes in fighting movie history

I just finished watching Rocky Balboa and let me tell you, nothing gets me more pumped in a movie than the training scenes. And Rocky Balboa definitely did not disappoint.

Let’s start building some hurting bombs.

By the end of this scene I was ready to put on my sweats and run out into the cold for my own Rocky style training. But of course I had to finish the movie so I’ll get to that training tomorrow.

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In the meantime, watching Rocky inspired me to put together this list of the best training scenes in fighting movie history. And at the top of the list, the Rocky that started it all.

Rocky I

This movie has inspired way too many people to run up those steps and shadow box like idiots. But Rocky makes it cool.

Rocky II

Sylvester Stallone always uses large blocks of wood or farm equipment during his trainings. I wonder if any actual boxers followed this technique.

Rocky III

An in sync video of this was hard to find! Found it on some Russian site.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Rocky IV

In my opinion the next best of the Rocky movies after Rocky I. There was something evil about Drago that just made you want to see him get destroyed.


Jean Claude Van Damme used to be so freakin awesome! The muscles from Brussels was my hero after this movie.


Another Van Damme great before everything went downhill. I blame it on Dennis Rodman and that stupid movie Double Team

Batman Begins

Where can I find a secret ninja base in the mountains where I can train like this?

Karate Kid

The classic American martial arts movie. Mr. Miyagi says, wax on wax off!

The Matrix

Morpheus is fighting Neo! Not exactly a montage, but a great scene that set a new standard for action choreography in Hollywood.

Bonus Clip:

Ridiculously strong guy training.

If you know of a great training montage, please let me know!

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