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The best online stores for Ultimate Frisbee

This post is part of the Best Ultimate Frisbee websites project

I wish I can buy one of these online.

Forget to shave?


With that, I can be the first ever Ultimate superhero. Fighting for justice and peace armed with the deadly razor Frisbee.

Oh wait, I think Captain America had that idea first, but he called it a shield. Whatever, it looks like a Frisbee to me.

You can buy the shield, I mean Frisbee here.

Wham-o, and the story of the Frisbee

Man those things are expensive! I’ll stick with the plastic then.

Now that my dreams of becoming the first Frisbee wielding superhero has been destroyed, I will rededicate my life to curing cancer and taming swine flu.

But in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the best online stores for Ultimate Frisbee gear. Where you can get the perfect gift for the holiday season for all your non Ultimate playing friends!

Ultimate Frisbee history: Appearances on Tv shows and news programs

Stores for customized team kits

GAIA Ultimate

Everyone either has, or knows someone who has GAIA gear. GAIA has been a big player in Ultimate for years and has built a solid reputation. They specialize in custom gear for Ultimate teams offers sponsorship opportunities for top teams.

Five Ultimate

Five Ultimate is a big time sponsor in Ultimate. They specialize in team kits (uniforms) have made kits for dozens of teams at the club and college levels. They also contribute to worthy Ultimate causes such as Ultimate Peace. And for this holiday season, they have a special on shipping.

Spin Ultimate

Lots of shirts and some discs. The best place to get your Chain Lighting gear to pretend like a national champ.

VC Ultimate

Custom uniforms with multiple choices of fabrics. Highly customizable.


Started by a guy who wanted to get team sweatshirts for his team. Now it’s a full blown business selling all types of apparel.

Stores for Ultimate educational products


The ultimate Ultimate DVD vendor online. They have DVDs of footage from most major tournaments around the US. You can watch the trailers for the DVDs before purchase.


PlayUlty offers educational DVDs, books, and gear for players and coaches. What I really like are the coaching kits made specifically for Ultimate.

How to throw like a pro

A DVD that will teach you every throw in the game. Created by players and coaches with many years of high level Ultimate experience. If you’re among the first 200 to buy, you get 25% off!

Stores for discs and accessories


The makers of the beautiful pieces of flying plastic. You can order custom discs for your team here.

Daredevil Discs

A Canadian company which makes UPA approved 175 gram discs. They are not Discraft, but they look and feel exactly like Discraft. The discs are customizable and even allows prints on the bottom of the disc. A special edition Obama disc is available for purchase here. The disc is designed my teammate and talented artist Adam Doyle.

Internet Disc Shop

The Internet Disc Shop always has discs with funky designs available at cheap prices. They also have a buy 4 get 1 special which is awesome. I’ve bought discs from them before and I was very satisfied with the store. You can also get grab bags of random discs, 10 for $69.95, or 25 for 159.95. Great for teams that need a large number of practice discs.

Ultimate Disc Store

This site is a bit pricier than Internet Disc Shop but they offer more choices for bundles. They also have shirts and hats for sale. Their special item is the Flashlight light up discs.

Disc Ace

Grab bags, custom discs, and ultra-stars at $5.99! Take advantage of the winter sale going on now.

Stores for t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, etc.

Cafe Press

Discount Ultimate Gear

Simple layout plus Furious George gear.

Stores for ahem, other products

Dank discs

Take a wild guess what they sell.

T-shirts, mugs, stickers, perfect gifts for the holidays.

That should give you plenty of options for you holiday shopping, and it will help to spread the sport of Ultimate to the unenlightened ones.

Give a disc, make an Ultimate player.

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