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Wham-o, and the story of the Frisbee

This is part of the Best Ultimate Frisbee websites project

Wham-o’s main feature product on it’s homepage is the Arctic Force snowball blaster. A semi-automatic snowball rifle.

And this is how it’s supposed to work.

Now you can leverage your financial resources and amass ridiculous amounts of firepower to overwhelm your technologically inferior opponents just like the US military!

But what I’d really like to see is an RC snowball stealth bomber…

Comon Frisbee Santa, work your magic!

The best online stores for Ultimate

Back to Wham-o and the story of the Frisbee

In 1955 Fred Morrison started marketing a flying disc he named the “Pluto Platter”. The design was sold to Wham-o in 1957 and later modified. At first it was called a flying saucer, I guess that coincided with the UFO mania back in the day. But eventually the name was switched to Frisbee and sales took off.

Wham-o gained quite a bit of popularity with the Frisbee and the Hula Hoop, and they rode the wave by releasing a slew of commercials marketing the product as fun, and safe toys for the family. Here are the original Frisbee commercials made by Wham-o.

The family toy

What are they? Spaceships from Mars? Wahahahaha

Aerofoil with gyro action huh?

I love how the parents are playing monkey in the middle with the kid being the monkey. And is that the wicked witch at the end there?

The Frisbee Horseshoe?

Frisbee and the Hula Hoop

It’s just as much fun as Frisbees? Is it? IS IT???

Frisbee becomes a sport

Capitalizing on the 1974 World Frisbee championships to sell some Frisbees

Men’s long distance throw

Women’s long distance throw

Guts Frisbee. 90 miles/hour? Seriously? SERIOUSLY???

Ultimate Frisbee with soccer type goals? This game looks awesome!

Frisbee is loved by hippies on the beach

As Freestyle Frisbee and Ultimate Frisbee became semi-popular sports, Frisbee skills became more valued… by hippies.

With hippies nearby, you’re never far away from a pot pipe. Especially if they’re inventive Frisbee playing hippies.

You can buy these discs here. Don’t tell anyone I told you.

How Frisbees were forever associated with the beach.

Great use of bikini clad babes to sell Frisbees. It definitely ain’t no family toy anymore! The evil advertising companies have gone from associating Frisbees with the beach, to Frisbees and sex. GASP!

Some substances were definitely involved in the making of this ad. What do you think happened when the couple dropped the Frisbee and ran towards each other? Yes consumers, Frisbee leads to sex.

Despite all the drugs and sex and undocumented violence, parental groups did not start an uprising against this danger to society. Allowing the Frisbee to become what it is today, still a tool of sin for hippies and college students everywhere.

So now we know how Frisbees became known as a beach toy, but where were the dogs???

This is part of the Best Ultimate Frisbee websites project

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