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Chapter 4: First game as a college starter


Last chapter: First ever TV appearance

Already flying as a freshman at UNC

Michael had 3 goals for himself as a freshman on the University of North Carolina basketball team.

1. Reach the Final Four

2. Win ACC Rookie of the Year

3. Be the go to guy off the bench

The last goal was realistic considering that Dean Smith was known not to start freshman players. However, Smith saw the potential of Michael Jordan early and decided to give him the playing time and experience he needed to develop into the great player that he eventually became. Michael became a starter during his freshman year.

Here is the video of the first game Jordan ever started at UNC.

Another game of Jordan and UNC vs. Kentucky

Coach Smith had a tremendous impact on Michael Jordan. Many who played with or coached Michael while he was at UNC firmly believe that he would not have become as great of a player without the influence of Dean Smith.

Here is Michael describing his experience playing for the two great coaches Dean Smith and Roy Williams, and his basketball career at UNC.

Jordan went from coming off the bench to a full time starter under the guidance of coach Smith. It resulted in the Tar Heels reaching the 1982 NCAA championship game, allowing Michael to cross another one off his list of goals.

Next chapter: 1982 NCAA championship


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