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Chapter 5: 1982 NCAA national championship


Last chapter: First game as a college starter

Michael’s initial goals as a freshman was to help the team reach the Final Four. He had no idea he would accomplish that, and much much more.

Jordan and Worthy won the title together

Jordan won only one NCAA championship during his 3 years at UNC. He won it in 1982 as a freshman playing along side future NBA players James Worthy and Sam Perkins. That year the Tar Heels defeated the Georgetown team led by future NY Knick Patrick Ewing. This was the first time Jordan prevented Ewing from getting a championship, and it wouldn’t be the last.

Here is the final four game vs. the University of Houston team led by Clyde Drexler and Hakeem Olajuwon. Jordan scored 18 points and UNC won the game, earning them a shot at the title against Georgetown.

Here are the highlights of the championship game from 1982.

The full game can be watched here.

Jordan was fairly quiet during the game, scoring a few baskets and getting one nice layup. . But as the clocked ticked down to the final minute, Jordan showed the ability to execute under pressure he later on became famous for by hitting the game winning shot. He later said that that shot changed his entire basketball career.

Jordan played 2 more years at UNC. Although he did not win another championship, his stellar play was well noted by basketball fans all over the country. He was quickly growing into the nickname he would eventually carry.

Next chapter: Birth of Air Jordan


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