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Chapter 18: The broken foot


Last chapter: Rookie of the year

Despite a 28.2 points per game average and Rookie of the Year honors, there was still much Jordan wanted to improve in his game. Jordan’s shooting range was not outstanding during his first year. But his medium game from 8 to 15 feet from the basket was solid, indicated by his .515 field goal percentage. Jordan was also not seen as a good straight up defender, which he compensated for with his ability to create steals.

Michael had much to prove in his second season, mostly to himself. The Bulls started the season strong, winning the first two games over rivals Cleveland and Detroit. However in the third game, this happened.

Initially thought to be a minor injury which will keep Jordan out several weeks, it turned out to be much more serious and the broken foot kept Jordan from playing for 64 games. Michael had no choice but watch his team lose game after game against opponents they could have beaten with a healthy Jordan.

Despite the injury Jordan was still selected to the 1986 all star game.

Jordan did return in March of 86 and played the last 15 games of the season. His minutes were limited early on to prevent a re-aggravation of the injury. The Bulls finished the season with a 30-52 record, which was just enough to put them into the playoffs, where Jordan would leave his mark on the game of basketball with one of his most memorable playoff feats.

Next chapter: 63 points at the Boston Garden


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