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Chapter 22: 23 points in a row against the Hawks


Last chapter: 86-87 Jordan’s assault on the record books (part 2)

During the record breaking 86-87 season, Michael Jordan scored a Bulls regular season record of 61 points against the Detroit Pistons on March 4th. Jordan did not break 61 that season but tied it in a game against the Atlanta Hawks on April 16th, in the 2nd to last game of the regular season.

Coming into the game Jordan was 37 points away from 3000 points for the season, a feat only Wilt Chamberlain has ever accomplished. However, the Atlanta Hawks were not about to let Jordan waltz his way to the record, and they were determined to stop him.

This clip is not of the best quality, but it does show the intense defense Jordan faced against the Hawks. The Hawks were double teaming Jordan on most occasions and fouling him hard when he drove to the basket. But despite all that pressure, Jordan still scored at will, and pass the 3000 mark for the season during the 2nd half.

Not only did Jordan reach the 3000 mark in that game, he also broke a NBA record by scoring 23 points in a row.

You can watch the full game here.

The 86-87 season would be Jordan’s highest scoring season. He had proved to the world that he was the best scorer in the NBA, and now he’s about to prove to the world he could also win championships.

Next chapter: First slam dunk championship


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