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The greatest of MJ distilled into 10 minutes.

This is now my favorite Michael Jordan highlight reel. It is extremely well done and must have taken ages to compile. It doesn’t show anything new, but the way it is arranged reveals so much more about MJ than any other highlight reel I’ve seen.

Watching this video I realized something about MJ. The reason he was so great was that he had so many weapons in his arsenal. In any given situation on a basketball court he had 2 if not 3 options with which he can get to the basket and score. And he performed each move so smoothly and consistently that there was no best option for a defender to force him into.

We know that to effectively defend Kobe you want him to take a corner fade-away from about 18 feet. But there was no option like that with MJ. You could not force him into a weak side or a bad spot. He can hurt you from any where on the court at any time, consistently, night in and night out. Sure some players can score the same numbers MJ did back in the day, but no one can ever match the consistency of MJ. He had a drive and a hunger that no one could match, and that’s what makes him the Greatest Of All Time.


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