His videos

This is the best collection of Michael Jordan videos anywhere online. Watch his highlights, documentaries, and commercials right here!


Michael Jordan top ten videos


Michael Jordan: Come fly with me (1989)

A detailed look at Michael Jordan before the championship days in Chicago

Michael Jordan: Playground (1990)

Michael Jordan highlights woven into a story of a boy named Walt and his desire to make his high school basketball team.

Michael Jordan: Air Time (1993)

Go behind the scenes as Michael Jordan goes through the 1991-92 championship season with the Chicago Bulls. Then follow along as he leads the 1992 Dream Team to Olympic gold.

Michael Jordan: Above & Beyond (1996)

This film covers Michael Jordan’s first retirement, his attempt at baseball, and his eventual return to basketball with the Chicago Bulls.

Michael Jordan: His airness (1999)

This documentary covers Michael Jordan’s career from beginning till his second retirement in 1999.

Michael Jordan: To The Max (2000)

An inside look at Michael Jordan’s last championship season with the Chicago Bulls.

Ultimate Jordan (2001)

Ultimate Jordan is a collection of Michael Jordan films through out his entire career. It features some of his best highlights, games, playoff performances, and off the court stories.

TV specials

ESPN Sportscentury: Michael Jordan (2004)

Behind the hype, behind the persona, behind the marketing, who is Michael Jordan? An intimate look at Michael Jordan, the man behind the legend.


The best 10 of Michael Jordan’s lessons for young athletes

The best 10 Michael Jordan Gatorade commercials

Fan videos

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