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Michael Jordan’s greatest moments, animated in NBA 2k11.

August 15, 2011 1 comment

I’m not sure how he was able to do this, but MessenjahMatt on Youtube has managed to recreate some of MJ’s most memorable moments using the NBA 2k11 graphics engine. Check these out and subscribe to his channel.

Jordan’s greatest move

Jordan vs. Jordan

Original Jordan vs. Jordan

Frozen moment

Maybe it’s my fault

Michael Jordan in New York

It was definitely tough to watch these moments when they actually happened, but this video makes it worth watching again.

The flu game

There are many others, so check them out.


Chapter 13: 1985 all-star slam dunk contest

January 5, 2010 Leave a comment


Last chapter: First 40+ point game

Jordan made such a huge impact early on during his rookie season that he was voted to the starting lineup of the 1985 all-star game. Not only that, he also earned himself a spot in the slam dunk contest.

The slam dunk contest was something new to the league, having only been installed in 1984. The first ever slam dunk contest was won by Larry Nance, who beat out Dr. J Julius Erving to take home the title. Both players came back for the 1985 contest, which also featured high fliers like Dominique Wilkins, Darrell Griffith, Orlando Woolridge, Clyde Drexler, and another rookie sensation Terence Stansbury.

Jordan oddly decided to dunk in warmups

Here are the highlights from the 1985 slam dunk contest.

Jordan and Wilkins led all contestants in the semi-final round, eliminating Terence Stansbury, Dr. J, and last year’s winner Larry Nance from the competition.

Final round showdown between Jordan and Wilkins

You can watch the entire contest here.

But as we already know with Michael, losing will only make him rise up to the challenge. Wilkins and Jordan were destined for another epic slam dunk showdown, which would not happen for another 3 years.

Next chapter: 1985 all-star game


10 amazing Michael Jordan career stats

November 25, 2009 19 comments

Welcome MJ fans!

Michael Jordan was, and still is the greatest basketball player that has ever played the game. There might be a player in the future who will score more, or win more championships and MVP titles, but there will never be another player who brought as much of an impact to the sport of basketball as Michael Jordan.

To show my appreciation of all that he has done for the sport, and for athletes in general, I am putting together a virtual biography of Michael Jordan.

How Michael Jordan became Michael Jordan

I consider myself lucky to have watched Michael play during his championship years in Chicago. It was always a great experience since you never know what he was going to accomplish each night. Unfortunately many of his great games came against my beloved Knicks of the late 90’s, but I still had a great deal of respect for Jordan.

His airness

For those who never watched him play live, it is difficult to get a sense of how great he was relative to everyone else in the game at the time. There is no doubt in my mind that if Jordan were to enter the NBA now as a rookie, he would still be able to dominate.

10 things you didn’t know about Michael Jordan

Here are 10 of Michael Jordan’s career stats that I thought were outstanding and deserves to be mentioned.

1. 6 NBA championships

The only current player who comes close to that is Kobe with 4 championships. 3 of which he earned with the help of Shaq.

First championship

2. 5 time regular season MVP

No current player has more than 2 (Duncan, Nash)

3. 30.1 career scoring average

If Jordan did not come back and play for the Wizards after a 3 year retirement, this number would be even higher. With the Wizards he never averaged more than 23 points per game.

4.172 games with 40 or more points

37 of those games came within a 2 year period between 1986-1987

Rising above the rest

5. 39 games with 50 or more points

Holy crap…

6. 10 scoring titles

Allen Iverson leads all current players with 4, and doesn’t look like he’ll get a chance at a 5th.

7. 3 retirements

Imagine how many more championships and scoring titles he would have earned without those 4 years off.

Basketball stud, baseball dud

8. 2 Olympic gold medals

The best dream team there ever was.

9. 32292 regular season points scored

Good enough for 3rd place all time behind Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone

10. #1 of 50 greatest players in NBA history

Nuff said.

Will there ever be another player as great as Michael Jordan? No.

No other player can have as large an impact on the game of basketball as Michael Jordan. He not only brought the game to another level with his on court performances, he also helped to expand and popularize the game world wide. He is the idol of countless kids across the world who would never have picked up a basketball if it wasn’t for Michael Jordan.

Now that he is retired from the game, he continues to be a role model through his businesses and other ventures. His line of Air Jordans basketball shoes are very successful, and they are complimented by Jordan’s messages to young athletes to work hard and to not be afraid of failure.

10 of Michael Jordan’s messages for young athletes

Michael Jordan, great basketball player, great ambassador of the game, great role model, great man.

The best 10 of Michael Jordan’s lessons for young athletes

October 27, 2009 10 comments

Michael Jordan. Basketball player. Leader. Role model. World champion. Hero.

Many titles have been given to him. Many titles he has earned. But what he is now more than anything else is a business man. His Air Jordan line of basketball shoes are among the most coveted possessions for young basketball players. Typical of how he was during his playing career, he will always be outstanding, even as a businessman.


The best aspect of his Air Jordan brand are the messages delivered through its advertising and marketing. He has managed to pull together big time sports stars such as Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, Rip Hamilton, Derek Jeter, and Chris Paul to support his brand. However, these sports stars are not just promoting the clothing or the shoes, they are promoting the philosophy behind the clothing, which is the philosophy behind Michael Jordan.

10 amazing Michael Jordan career stats

Each of the commercials has a distinct message, narrated by Jordan himself. He uses nuggets of wisdom learned during his career as positive and motivating messages for the current generation of athletes. We no longer become like Mike simply by buying a pair of shoes, now we must look beyond the superficial, and dig deep within ourselves to discover the inner strength that drove Michael Jordan to the top of the basketball world.

These clips are much more than commercials, they together create a set of ideas we all should live by. Therefore I have compiled them into a list for easy referencing. Please leave any comments or feedback in the comments box, would love to hear back from other MJ fans. And subscribe to this blog to get the latest MJ posts!

Full list of Air Jordans

What if?

What if there was no fame and fortune? What if all the fans and media were gone? What if all Michael Jordan ever became was a regular basketball player. Would he still do what he did? There’s no doubt.

When young children are asked why they want to become sports stars, often they will mention money and fame. What they don’t understand about someone like Michael Jordan is that he was always focused on one thing, becoming a better basketball player. The fame and fortune only followed his successes on the court.

Tell me

Tell me I can’t do it. I want you to. Because then I can prove you wrong.

Despite all the loving fans, the people Michael Jordan listened to the most were his biggest critics. When they said he couldn’t play defense, he won the defensive player of the year. When they said he couldn’t win a championship, he won three in a row. Again and again he shut his critics by proving to them he could do what he wanted to do by putting his heart into it. That is a valuable lesson for any kid to learn.


Heart is what truly drives you to get to where¬† you want to go. It’s what gets you through the tough days, and it’s what will bring you to the top.

They say it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog. And that is true, especially in sports. Michael has proven time and time again that heart can triumph over physical limitations. He played with the flu, he played when hurt, he even played after his father’s murder. But all those difficulties never changed his passion for competition and his heart for the game.

Let your game speak

Everyone has critics. You can either argue with them, or let your game speak louder than you ever can.

Instead of letting critics tear you down, use them as a force to motivate you to go further.


Maybe he made things seem too easy. Maybe his accomplishments are too great to ever surpass. Maybe there will never be anyone better. Or maybe you are just making excuses.

Look me in the eye

Don’t be scared of what you will become, be scared of what you won’t become. Know who you are inside, and don’t let anyone stop you from being who you truly are.


No one gets to the top the easy way. Everyone has to put in the hours and the hard work. Fairy tales only happen in movies.

Break to build

To get to the next level, you have to push your body to the limit. Push until you can’t push no more, and then you will get there.

What is love?

What does it mean to truly love the game? It means not being to live without it, and appreciating every moment of it, even the difficult ones.


He has failed at every point in his life. Yet those failures never stopped him from trying again and again. It is through his failures that he has succeeded beyond imagination.

Bonus clips

Michael Jordan top ten videos

Frozen moment

This is a beautifully made commercial. Captures the beauty of those truly special moments in sports.

Michael Jordan has taught the world many things. He has taught the world how basketball should be played. He has taught the world how to be a great athlete and a good role model. But most importantly, he has taught us how to become better than we are.

More than mere entertainment, sports and the athletes who play them, offer us great lessons on life, if we choose to receive them.

How Michael Jordan became Michael Jordan