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The best 10 hottest girls of gaming

December 1, 2009 Leave a comment

As gamers, we’ve all had our share of video game crushes. Mine is Renoa from FFVIII.

so pretty...

How can you not love that face…

Unfortunately, she was left off this list of the 10 hottest girls of gaming!

Just look!

And even though she’s not my favorite, where was Christie from Tekken?

People who voted definitely didn’t play Tekken.

I have to say that perhaps I have been out of gaming for some time and there are new additions that I don’t know about, but comon! Rinoa had to be on there.

Anyway, here are the best 10 hottest girls of gaming.

Do you agree with these rankings? I personally don’t. Lemme know what you think.

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10 classic Michael Jordan Gatorade commercials

November 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Michael Jordan has done hundreds of commercials in his life and promoted hundreds of products. But of all the things he has promoted, Gatorade remains one of the most memorable. Here are the classic Michael Jordan Gatorade commercials

Michael Jordan Air Jordan commercials

Wanna be like Mike

Wanna be like Mike (full version)

Wanna be like Mike 2

Michael vs. Michael

Michael Jordan top ten video lists

Michael vs. Mia Hamm


Chamique Holdsclaw

Subliminal messaging


Our spokesman is busy

Michael Jordan career stats

Bonus clip:

New Gatorade campaign:

The history of the universe in 10 minutes

November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

This is an extraordinarily well done video that goes through the history of the universe in 10 minutes.

It splices clips from various videos into one history/chemistry/physics/biology lesson. Even though I was a bio major and am a self proclaimed geek, there were things in this video that surprised me.  For example, I had never learned how the moon was created.

If education could be like this, I think the problems in our world will be solved in no time.

The rise of man in 10 minutes

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Learn how Google wave works in 10 minutes

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

If you’re like me, you’ve been hearing about Google wave for a while now. And you’re wondering, “What the hell is Google wave and how is it supposed to help me?”

Well, in short, Google wave is the next step in real-time communication.

Email as we know it was developed sometime in the 60’s, when computers filled entire rooms and the Cold War was all the rage. The fact that Email has lasted till now is an awesome feat considering that most technologies don’t survive a single calendar year. Email was a crucial step that revolutionized the way people communicate. It dramatically shortened the amount of time it took to send and receive large amounts of textual information, from weeks to mere seconds. It ranks as one of the greatest communication tools, up there with the telephone, telegraphy, and smoke signals.

However, email has not changed much since its inception. People are mostly satisfied with email as it is and have taken it for granted. But there were other people out there asking, “How can we improve email?” And those people happen to work at Google.

Whatever Google wave may be, people have already formed their opinions about it. Bloggers and techies have flooded forums and message boards with their take on the new product. Some of them think it’s the next best thing since sliced bread, while others are already doubting it’s usefulness.

Whatever Google Wave turn out to be, it is definitely getting a lot of attention. This may be part of Google’s marketing strategy, and it is working to perfection.

So what is Google wave and how will it help you?

Short version:

This is the understanding from an outsider’s perspective. It covers the key changes Google Wave makes to communication.

Long version:

Who better to hear about Google Wave from than the people who helped develop it? Google Wave is an innovation from the same people who brought us Google Maps. Seeing how well Google Maps has done, I have no doubt that Google Wave will be quite popular.

This video shows off the more advanced functions of Google Wave, including playback, its connections to blogs and twitter, and also the ability to drag and drop files. Essentially almost anything you would need to communicate is built into Google Wave itself.

I hope that helped clear up all the questions you had about Google Wave. I for one can’t wait to get onto the wave and play around.

Here’s a preview of all the things Google Wave can do, and a nice video to boot.

10 reasons why super slow motion is awesome

November 9, 2009 Leave a comment

What is one thing you’ve ALWAYS wanted to see in slow motion? Don’t worry, I know. A lightning bolt.

Awesome! It’s really like a lightning web before it becomes a bolt.

The best stop motion animation videos part I

In the last blog we looked at 10 human feats of speed ranging from eating fast to stacking fast. A lot of times it is difficult to appreciate the speed at which those tasks are performed because the human eye cannot process that much information that quickly. That is why we have recruited the help of technology to give us yet another super power. The ability to slow down time.

10 strangely fast humans

Well, not exactly. But we do have the power to slow down film to a rate where we can see unusually fast things in extreme slow motion. And the results are nothing short of awesome.

The history lesson:

The effect of slow motion, or slowmo, was invented by Austrian physicist August Musger. The technique works by filming something at a frame rate much faster than it will be played back, thereby giving the effect of watching time pass by slowly. For example, if a camera films at 48 frames per second (FPS), and the film is played back at the standard 24 FPS, then the effect would be to see the action at half speed.

The use of slowmo was popularized in film making by Japanese director Akira Kusosawa (Seven Samurai), and later saw use in American film making with directors like Sam Peckinpah (Wild Bunch). The concept of slowmo may have predated film making, first being used in Japanese Noh theater.

Since the Japanese popularized the use of slowmo, we see much use of it in popular media and television.

Here the modern samurai Isao Machii cuts a flying bb with a katana. He doesn’t have to dodge bullets, he cuts them in half!

Samurai cuts flying bb with katana

Here is another clip of a katana vs. a bullet. Proof of the incredible strength of Japanese sword making.

I think the best part of the video is the dubbing over the Japanese old man. “I told you! My swords rule!” =)

Katana vs.  bullet

Did you think the last clip wasn’t cool enough? Then how about the same sword, going up against a 50 caliber machine gun?

Katana vs. .50 caliber Machine gun

The incredible sword cuts through 6 .50 bullets before finally giving in. If I ever get a sword for a present, I want a Japanese katana.

The present

Slowmo became even more popular with the invention of High Speed Cameras which could film at thousands of FPS. Things previously not visible to the human eye are now rendered in extreme clarity. For example, we can now watch bullets slice through random objects. Destruction is always best in slow motion.

Bullets in slow motion

When you mom told  you to not play with your food, she never said anything about not shooting it!

Previously used only for scientific research in large industries, High Speed Cameras became more commercially successful as costs for equipment and film became more affordable. Now such cameras are used in the field of media in shows like MythBusters. In the British show called Brainiac: Science Abuse, a popular segment is featured called “Things, but very slowly”.

A face slap very slowly

They sure picked a great subject to be slapped, the ripples through his face are priceless!

A water balloon popped very slowly

What good is a water balloon that doesn’t hit someone? Here we watch a water balloon hitting a face, but very slowly.

Water balloon to the face

Haha, I love how he is always the victim in these clips. His partner seems to have a fun job.

Ever wonder how popcorn works?

Popcorn, but very slowly

His narration makes popcorn sound so, sexy. Oh those spongy endosperms in that hot oil… mmmm….

As more people became interested in slow motion captures, film makers became more creative in what they decided to film. This one is as random as it could get.

A crossbow bolt through a fish tank

Next time you have a crossbow and an empty fish tank, you’ll know what to do.

A karate chop through a brick

This clip makes it even more impressive that he can break the block with his mushy deformed hand.

The future

High speed cameras are getting ever faster. Using new technology that no longer employ a shutter and film, some cameras can film up to 25 million FPS. How anyone can even stand to watch film that slow is beyond me. That’ll really be like watching grass grow.

Hoped  you learned something from this post and got some entertainment out of it. Please comment below!

10 Domino world records that will amaze you

November 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Dominoes world records? Like the ones we used to see on TV commercials as kids? Yup, just like these.

Domino Rally was a toy originally designed by a 16 year old Jason Carroll with the help of his father. The commercials and Domino sets became popular in the late 80’s and early 90’s, leaving many a messy living rooms across America. But with the rise of video games and other more advanced toys, Domino Rally sets were put back into boxes and stored in cold dank basements.

But you know how sometimes when you leave something and forget about it, like old milk or left over rice, you come back to find that it has mutated into something grotesque? Well that’s exactly what happened with Dominoes. While we were busy playing video games and watching HD tv, the dominoes sitting in our basements have mutated into an entirely unrecognizable monstrosity. It appears once a year in the Netherlands, on a day appropriately called Domino Day.

Every year, teams from all over the Netherlands gather in a convention center and assemble millions of stones of dominoes into intricate works of art and physics. Every year they attempt to break the previous year’s record of number of dominoes fallen. The current record stands at a mind blowing 4,345,027 stones in 2008.

Below is the finale from 2008 where the previous record of 4,079,381 from 2006 was broken.

In the 2nd part of the video, 2 members chosen from the teams represented must complete the domino track while the dominoes are falling in an event called the builder’s challenge.

So that’s what 1,605,757 dominoes falling would look like. Interesting.

Have you ever seen anyone happier to watch dominoes fall than these people? To celebrate, they probably got drunk and… played with more dominoes. They probably have a kinky Domino set somewhere back there.

The 10 Domino world record attempts from the most recent Domino Day 2008

This goes to show that no matter how insignificant something may seem to be to you, there are plenty of people somewhere in the world willing to go to the extremes to do great things with it.

Bonus Clips:

Making things fall does not have to include Dominoes. Apparently anything people can get their hands on can be used as Dominoes. Here are some of the most creative uses of other items as Dominoes.

Beer bottles

Best, beer funnel, EVER.

Supermarket Domino

I would love to work with these guys. I would hate to have them working for me.

Virtual dominoes

As geeky as dominoes can get. The question is, does he have to clean up after?

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10 unforgettable Michael Jackson collaborations

October 29, 2009 1 comment

Last time we looked at Michael Jordan, and today we’ll look at the other MJ, Michael Jackson.

This Is It official trailer

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest artist/entertainers of all time and he happened to have lived during our lifetimes. We were lucky to have been affected and influenced by his music. No matter what else happened in his life, the music he gave to the world was one of the greatest gifts of all. It’s strange to be writing about him in the past tense since he had always been such a big part of our lives. But we must accept the realities of life, and try to remember him for what he has given us.

Will there ever be anyone like Michael? Will there ever be anyone greater than Michael? It’s difficult to imagine. No matter what the answer to that is, there will never be anyone who will make us feel like Michael did.

Michael’s influence in music goes far and wide. An entire generation of artists grew up with his music, including Usher, Justin Timberlake, Boyz II Men, and artists of all different genres. Michael also led many humanitarian efforts, championing causes and marshaling other artists to his aid. Through his many projects he has gained many friends.

Here today we present a few videos of Michael and his friends. Some are immediately recognizable while others might have been forgotten. Either way this is Michael at his best, and how we should always remember him.

#10 Michael Jackson with 3T

3T are the 3 sons of Tito Jackson who formed a R&B group. The song is pleasant, but the boys wear way too much makeup in the video. What’s the deal with their eyebrows?

#9 Michael Jackson with Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men perform two of Michael’s songs “Heal the world” and “We are the world”, with Michael himself joining the act towards the end.

#8 Michael Jackson with N’SYNC

Michael was no doubt a big influence on Justin Timberlake, especially his dancing. Here we have a short Michael Jackson dance with N’SYNC

#7 Michael Jackson with Usher and Chris Tucker

Michael performs “You rock my world”, joined by Usher and Chris Tucker towards the end. Next to Michael, Usher’s moves don’t look so smooth anymore.

#6 Michael Jackson with Slash

A combined performance of “Black or white”. Slash definitely holds his own in this show.

#5 Michael Jackson with Britney Spears

Britney Spears should be honored to appear on the same stage with an artist of Michael’s Caliber. Pretty interesting duet of “The way you make me feel” Britney does a decent job of it.

#4 Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Michael and Paul are the Robin hoods in this funny music video. The only music video made from their three collaborations together.

#3 Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

Still the most expensive music video ever made at $7,000,000. It was made in retaliation against the child molestation accusations against Michael. One of the few collaborations of the two siblings.

#2Michael Jackson and friends

This is the “What more can we give” performance. It was meant to raise money for charities in response to the 9/11 attacks. This song featured artists such as Carlos Santana, Beyonce, Celion Dion, Usher, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, and many others. The full cast can be seen here.

#1 Michael Jackson and friends

This is the “We are the world” video. This shows how great Michael was in terms of gaining support for his causes. This video featured Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles among many others. The full cast can be seen here.

Bonus clips

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney

Another great collaboration but no music video, just the song.

Janet Jackson and Michael?

Believe it or not, the voice is Janet, but slowed down to sound exactly like Michael’s. Weird but true. So I guess we’ll be hearing many more songs from “Michael” in the near future.

RIP Michael Jackson