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The first best 10: Funniest baby videos that you will adore

Babies, everyone loves them. Okay, not everyone. But even if we don’t want to deal with one in person, watching funny videos of them is always fun.

Funniest animal videos

With the proliferation of cheap video cameras, parents have begun to document the entire lives of their children on tape and memory discs. And since kids say the darnedest things, they also do some strange and funny things too.

Here I bring you the best 10 baby videos in no particular order. Enjoy

#1 Charlie bit my finger

Incredibly, this video has gotten over 125 MILLION views and spawned dozens of similar videos and parodies. The obvious #1 choice.

#2 Evil eye baby

Ran into this one recently, but already a favorite.

#3 Ninja baby

This one is just waiting for a good dubbing, hilarious.

#4 Evil laugh baby

This one should meet the evil eye baby. That will be a showdown for the ages.

#5 Single ladies baby

Sometimes they just want to grow up too fast… Blame Beyonce!

#6 Baby Usher

He’s got some smooth moves, and will give the Single ladies baby a run for her money. I think that baby is a girl…

#7 Infectious laugh.

You just can’t help laughing with him!

#8 Youtube award winner

This won the 2007 youtube aware for most adorable video. It’s good, but  not my favorite, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

#9 Rock you baby

I really hope she learns how to say rock correctly before she goes to school…

not on youtube, so it’s a link. Click here!

#10 Blood baby

Hahahahaha, oh, blood is not funny. Ahahahaha

And just for fun, a compilation of funny babies!

Hope you had some good laughs with this post. If you know of any other great baby videos, please let me know and I’ll update the list.

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